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    202-683-9873 WASHINGTON, DC 

    215-834-4228 PHILADELPHIA, PA



    The National Alliance of Women Veterans is a Philadelphia-based, non-profit, public charity, 501 (c)3 tax-exmpt organization.

    NAWV INC is an organization that addresses issues relating to women who have served in the armed forces. The organization comprises women from the Iraq War to those who have served in World War II, who, many are are our honorary members and advisors.  

    We are pleased with the work that has been done through our advocacy and outreach.  For the past 18 years military sexual assault is an issue that was passionately and aggressively fought through legislation and policies at every government level; Veterans Affairs, Senate and House Subcommittees. We are presently involved in the filing of Case Number CA CV 11-151 MST Class Action Lawsuit, filed on February 15th, 2011 in Federal Court in Virginia.  Susan Burke, LLC law firm and consultants have been aggressive in bringing the lawsuit to the attention to all concerned.  The 15 individuals who are named in the lawsuit include two males.  Please find more information at 

    Founder and Executive Director, Cathy Santos gave testimony to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs in 1993.  There she addressed military sexual assault and health care at VA medical centers that resulted in women veterans clinics being instituted in VA hospitals throughout the United States and is archived in the Library of Congress. Biography will shortly of all officers:

    November 12th, 2010 Women Veterans Roundtable with Local Philadelphia Grassroots Organizations who were present here in Philadelphia City Hall to discuss issues that related to the women veteran's community.

    NEW We would like to thank Sharon Rice of Wilmington, DE for a generous contribution in the name of "Women Veteran's Causes" - we appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness to support the work that we do. Feb. 2013

     We would like to welcome our new partnership
    and Board Member
    Founder and Executive Director, Dr.Althea Hankins, MD
    ACES MUSEUM Honoring Black & Minority Veterans
    of World War II & Their Families
    5801 Germantown Avenue

    Philadelphia, PA 19144
    215 842-3742     Office
    215 842-2290     Fax



    Cathy Santos - Board Chairpreson
    Dr.  Lawrence Brown - Vice Chairman
    Judith Hartwell Sanders
    Angela Bennett - Treasurer
    Pamela Bennett
    Ie'Tanza Bronson
    Mia Jackson
    Deidra Boone


     We pay tribute to women who served during "Women's History Month" in March 2011 

    National Alliance of Women Veterans, Incorporated, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws are filed in the State of Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporation in Harrisburg, PA. 



    Supporting Organizations and Sponsorships

    VETS FORCE - 2012 Membership Washington, DC Chapter
    Philadelphia NAACP
    Urban Coalition
    BREAD & ROSES Foundation
    Philadelphia Activities Fund
    Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police
    Mount Airy Church of God in Christ
    Department of Veterans Affairs Women's Clinic
    Philadelphia City Council
    WURD - 2012 Chartered 900/90 Membership
    Montford Point Marines - Philadelphia Chapter

    American Journal of Public Health releases study on Overrepresentation of women veterans amongst homeless women

    Department of Veterans Affairs Legislation Link to Thomas Gov't Website

     For more information on our organization, please check out our webjournal:

    MISSION STATEMENT enclosed in 2009 National Alliance of Women Veterans Brochure
    Annual Report 2011 On File
    Financial Report 2011 On File
    IRS 2008, 2009, 2010 Tax Filing On File