We serve. We suffer. We are equal.


2011 6th Annual Benefits Campaign Fundraiser

Thank you all for your support in the success of our "Annual Women Veteran's Tributes".  Each year has increased with women who have shared their stories and continues to be involved in peer-to-peer support, educating and empowering themselves.

Women Veterans are uniting across the country and is one of the fastest growing populations in nationally as well as internationally.  

NAWV, Inc. continues to provide a platform for women veterans to come together and share their talents and resources; please support our casue.  

We have advertising, printing and consultant needs.  Please share and give a donation towards this charity to further our work.

No specific request for amount, please give from your heart.

Thank you so much.

10th Anniversary Gala and Recognition Ceremony
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Please help us to reach our fundraising goals for 2016 in support of our efforts in helping women who are victim to military sexual assault.

We have come a long way, but we must not risk losing our momemtum in the political transitions at any level of our governments.

We must continue to help women who have yet to find their way to healing and wholeness after serving and transitioning with related conditions in need of our support and assistance.